Best Baby Mobiles For Cribs Review

Beautifying the nursery is one of the most entertaining parts of preparing a place for your new baby. And the ideal nursery items are the ones that associate function with mode-take baby mobiles, for instance.

Baby mobiles are made to cradle and entertain infants, who pass away a lot of time looking up at the world almost. Apart from that, it offers physical development, brain development, and visual stimulation for infants when their eyesight is still flourishing too.

So, they will add both a fun design touch to the nursery and an additional boost for the baby at the same time.

What is a baby mobile?

The word mobile means something that can be move or move spontaneously. Baby mobiles are also kind of moveable toys. It is something you put above or hang on a crib to jollify the baby. To calm the little one, it is designed with pretty colors, shapes, different pendent’s music, lights, and all the rest.

It helps the baby to soothe and develops their vision and motor skills at the same time.

The necessity of a Crib Mobile

Is a crib mobile necessary? It’s difficult to understand the necessity of something without using it. Some parents find mobiles only a figurative item for the nursery, but they can be beneficial for the baby too.

Babies are attracted to bold and contrasting colors in their initial days of life, which make mobiles picked for their visual improvement and ability of tracking.

It also helps to settle them down to sleep and give a calm effect during waking up at night. And nowadays pediatricians also recommend this to parents to increase the growth of infants during the first few months.

Are crib mobiles safe? Yes, crib mobiles are safe for use. But it also quite depends on you. You have to check every part of the mobile very carefully while purchasing. Also, it’s not an end and after that, you have to place it securely out of the baby’s reach and keep monitoring it. So you fully must maintain the safety of the mobile.

How important are baby mobiles?

The purpose of baby mobiles is not just beautifying your baby room. It plays an important role in a baby’s physical and mental development. They are highly helpful to foster a baby’s thriving curiosity and imagination. And good musical mobiles also awake baby’s developing senses at the same time.

What types of crib mobiles does the baby love most?

Usually, babies always find shiny colors more catching for the first few weeks of their life. Also, bold designs of mobile with strong contrasting colors can be the ultimate choice to capture the baby’s heart. Since babies love calm sounds, it will be a bonus if the mobile comes with a soft and soothing melody.

1. Mini Tudou baby crib musical mobile crib holder

Mini Tudou baby crib musical mobile crib holder


If you are trying to discover a sleeping solution for your little one that generates a calm environment and not a fully distracting one-this mobile from mini Tudou is an excellent deal for that. This beautiful mobile is made of environmental materials and free from ABS, BPA.

The interesting thing is, this captivating mobile comes with a multifunctional music box and 108 soothing lullabies. Besides, there are moon and stars projectors with three different colors to create an enchanting light show onto the ceiling via a music box.

It is rotatable up to 360 degrees and spin-able pendants offer a beautiful sight for the baby. Another great thing is its infrared remote control system that gives ease of use.

Top Features
  • Musical box with 108 lullaby
  • Projector
  • Remote control system


  • spinning toys
  • 3 different lights with moon and stars projection
  • safe for use
  • removable pendants


  • Quite loud

2. Kiddo Lab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Relaxing Music

Kiddo Lab Baby Crib Mobile


This beautiful crib mobile is made from safe BPA-free materials. It comes with adorable dream pets that your baby will come to know and love, as well as a rotating musical system with several optional soundscapes. Light music helps to stabilize your baby’s mood and let the baby fall asleep easily

It includes an enchanting light show of the moon and stars onto the ceiling. And with its simple yellow knob, you can easily install it in cribs with sturdy rails and spindles.

Top Features
  • light show
  • rotatable musical system
  • Easy installation


  • Adorable
  • Safe
  • Soothing music


  • Doesn’t include battery

3. Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove Baby Mobile

Meadow Days Soothe 'n Groove Baby Mobile


The adorable and colorful Soothe ‘n Groove baby mobile is great for music lovers waiting to find a mobile that can allow their child an array of choices.

It features 6 different musical options with a total of 18 engaging melodies and 40 minutes of continuous and uninterrupted music. And it not only has naptime music but also contains energetic music and many more that give a fresh listening experience every time. The fun fact is, you can remove the mobile box and use as a standalone music box too.

Moreover, it is specially destined with a soothing motion that helps the baby to calm and relaxed. And finally, a soft nightlight adds more beauty to the mobile.

Top Features
  • Musical box
  • Nightlight
  • Specialized motion


  • Stand-alone musical box
  • Soothing
  • Uninterrupted music
  • Soft and calming nightlights for quite times


  • Doesn’t include battery
  • A little bit pricy

4. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs


Manhattan toys are the actual inventor of black and white developmental toys and this particular Wimmer-Ferguson infant stim-mobile is one of their popular collection and attracts everyone with its fascinating design. It adapts to baby’s changes in visual development by featuring a range of design complexity, color, and all the rest. It also features ten interchangeable cards that offer a range of simple to more complex colored patterns and graphics.

Since babies are attracted to the high contrasting patterns, they designed it to encourage the baby to learn pattern reorganization and an adjustable cord allows you to easily change the distance of cards from the baby as their vision develops in growing time.

Besides, its developmental toys encourage their eye-hand coordination, motor activity, self-awareness, and throughout development.

Top Features
  • Captivating design
  • Interchangeable cards
  • Developmental toys


  • Elegant
  • Contrasting colors
  • Quite affordable
  • Helps in babies throughout the development
  • Encourage baby to learn
  • Safe


  • Non-musical

5. Baby Musical Crib Mobile with Hanging Rotating Toys


Parents are allured over this beautiful baby crib mobile from TuiVeSafu that is made up of safe materials and offers your baby a harmless using experience. This mobile, which is meant to be mounted to a crib, features removable plush stuffed toys that your little one will love to stare at, as well as musical settings with a winding drive.

Therefore, its special soothing dance motion captures baby’s attention that engages them and helps their visual and intelligence development at the same time. Also, it doesn’t require any screw and is easy to install.

Top Features
  • musical setting
  • rotatable
  • removable pendants


  • Melodic
  • Safe
  • No battery is needed
  • Best for gift


  • Music only lasts for 2 minute

6. Tiny Love Take-along Mobile Magical Tales, Black/White


This baby mobile from tiny love is one of the top-rated mobiles on our list. It is a 3-in-1 mobile for a travel cot, strollers and bassinets come with contrasting black and white color that helps to stimulate baby’s vision. It includes calming music system featuring 5 different musical tunes and 30 minutes of continuous music.

And the most captivating thing about this mobile is its charming design with adorable magical tales characters that engage the baby with their clearly define design and smiling faces. It will both entertain the baby and adds beauty to your nursery.

Top Features
  • 3-in-1
  • Musical
  • Elegant design


  • Continuous 30 minutes of music
  • Stimulate baby’s sight
  • Adorable


  • A little bit noisy

7. Mini Tudous Baby Musical Mobile Crib Toys with Projector and Light


With over 2,000 reviews, this stunning and non-toxic mobile from mini Tudou is one of the most loved ones on our list. Compared with other musical mobiles, it comes with a range of various music collections and music box can be take-along for use too. It includes a projector that projects cartoons and stars with 3 different lights. As it has removable pendants that can be used as rattle toys for your baby.

It is a multi-functional mobile with 6 different buttons for different features and is fully remote controlled. Also, it’s auto timing switch mode will automatically stop the music after a certain time and creates a sound sleeping environment.

Top Features
  • Multi-functional
  • Auto timing switch mode
  • Musical box & light projector


  • Variety music with adjustable volume
  • Non-toxic
  • Remote controlled


  • Fixed-size

8. Tiny Love Classic Mobile, Into the Forest


The tiny love classic mobile is a nursery mobile with quality features and specially designed for creating a sound environment for your baby to sleep which will be a great deal for you.

One of the finest things about this mobile is its musical settings with 20 minutes of continuous melody that calms the baby and offers him a relaxed sleep.

Besides musical box s fully removable and can be converted into a stand-alone music box easily. And a beautiful contrasting back and white spinning spiral with adorable animal toys engage the baby and helps him to calm. Finally, it is completed with a soft nightlight to add extra comfort for the baby during quiet times.

Top Features
  • Removable music box
  • Nightlight
  • Elegant design


  • Soothing
  • Encourage visual development
  • Convertible music box


  • Quite expensive

9. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Musical Mobile


Fisher’s 3-in-1 mobile is a colorful and engaging mobile that easily goes all types of cribs and fits in any nursery. It is designed with adorable animal and their motorized spins entertain the infants.

The musical birdly toy offers 20 minutes of continuous music and automatically switches off after the music ends that create a sound environment for sleep. Birdly toy can be great for toddler take along too due to its built-in-carry handle.

Top Features
  • Musical birdly toy
  • Multi-functional
  • Motorized


  • Adorable
  • Soothing music
  • Entertaining


  • Can’t be used in playpens
  • A little bit pricy

10. HABA Nursery Room Wooden Mobile Rainbow Balls (Made in Germany)


If you are looking for something simple yet elegant, then this wooden mobile will be a perfect match for you. It is made up of quality beech wood and treated with non-toxic, water-based stains.

The main focus of this quality mobile is its captivating design which is created with wooden rods and rainbow color balls that can delight both newly born boys and girls easily.

Its non-stop spins attract infant’s eyes to follow the colors when it swings and shimmers. It includes a fishing wire and also recommends suspending this from the ceiling.

Top Features
  • Gorgeous design
  • Quality materials


  • captivating
  • Non-toxic
  • Stimulate baby’s visual and brain development
  • Spins up to 10-15 minutes with a light touch


  • Non –musical
  • Doesn’t include mounting hardware

11. Baby Crib Mobile Wooden Wind Chime Bed Bell


Apart from modern-day mobiles, this hanging wooden wind chime gives a sophisticated look and features geometrical designs with bright colors that capture the baby’s attention. And most importantly it is fully non-toxic and made up of safe environmental materials.

Since it is designed in a way that it stills moves without any kind of motors or batteries, you can have peace of mind knowing this it will keep entertaining and won’t stop randomly due to a dead battery.

This softly swaying crib mobile will motivate your baby to concentrate and track, and the offset accessories help build depth perception. Besides, it creates a calming effect to settle the baby into the crib.

Top Features
  • Safe materials
  • Non-motorized


  • Calming
  • Helps in visual development
  • Captivating design
  • Non-toxic
  • Moveable without any battery


  • Doesn’t contain any music

What to look before buying a baby crib mobile

buying a baby crib mobile

Baby mobiles are great for both nursery decor and calming the baby. But choosing the perfect one is quite difficult since there is a variety of nursery mobiles are available in the marketplace. That’s why we tried to write this helpful buying guide about the things you should consider when purchasing a mobile.


three main types are there in baby mobiles; the first one is for clipping onto the side rails of crib, the second one is for attaching to baby’s car seat or stroller and the last one is for dangling from the ceiling. So it’s totally up to you what kind of mobile you want to have.

With each design, manufacturers use various types of toys to hanging them off. You have to know your baby’s toy favorites to choose from so that your baby won’t get bored after a few days.


There is a time when baby mobiles used to spin a little bit in a circle. but nowadays baby mobiles not only spins or turns but also move up and down, even additional between rotating clockwise and anticlockwise.

As most babies love these kinds of moving objects, parents also consider buying moving mobiles. But make sure to keep the mobile out of the baby’s reach as it can also hurt.


Sometimes mobiles feels are quite heavy due to their design or pattern which is why parents find it difficult to carry them. Heavy design is perfect if it is only kept in one place. Lightweight baby mobiles are also available in the market for easy carrying.

Musical mobile

Many mobiles feature a music box to help soothe your little bunny to sleep. It helps them to calm. Two different types of musical mobile are there: wind up and battery operated. Wind-up ones require you to physically turn it on by a key or handle.

They also don’t play for a very long time and you have to manually turn the key every time you want the melody to play. Battery-operated mobiles play the melody at the push of a button. Some even allow you a remote control system. Check music duration when you buy a musical mobile.

And the most important thing about musical mobiles is their volume level. If the musical is very loud, it won’t be beneficial to your baby. It has to be soft, soothing, and melodic.


Modern mobiles include types of projection with different lighting systems onto the ceiling. It gives a vibrant yet eye-soothing view to the child. During midnight if he wakes up it will help him to settle down without your presence.

Nursery theme:

Some parents like to make a beautiful nursery for their baby maintaining a running theme throughout their baby’s nursery. Some like to keep it simple and others want something different. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers also try to bring new things every time to fulfill your desire. So, you should also be able to find a perfect match.


It’s a great concern for every parent since a crib mobile is in your baby’s sleep zone and kind of get-at-able at times too. So make sure it doesn’t pose potentially risky strangulation, suffocation, or choking setback. Besides, check the firmness of mobiles parts carefully.

Crib mobile safety:

Crib mobile safety is one of the most important things that every parent should consider. Crib mobile may offer lots of benefits, but it also can be a threat to a baby’s safety. And it can’t be taken for granted. First of all, check the parts of mobile and their firmness carefully.

Also, make sure it meets all the safety guidelines and current standards. If you are going to place it in a crib, then make sure it fits securely and don’t put it within the baby’s reach because fallen mobiles can be a deadly snare for your infant.

Another important thing that sometimes parents forget is maintaining hygiene. Though it is a toy always try keeping your mobile clean.

Benefits of mobiles for babies

mobiles for babies

There is typical thinking about mobiles is they are only for decorative nursery look and theirs details and colors multiply the lives of parents. But what we ignore is its hidden benefits that help in a baby’s development.

Simply baby’s eyes following the activity of mobile in motion help to grow the strength of their eye muscle. It also helps in brain development and motor skills.

It creates a special awareness too, as the baby tries to reach for the mobiles. Most importantly its offers him a sound and soothing place to sleep and prevents boredom.


Are crib mobiles good for babies?

Undoubtedly, a mobile will amuse your baby with its calming sounds, fascinating movements, or engaging patterns that help your little one to fall asleep easily. They are also essential in helping babies ’ both mental and physical development. As a plus, it also adds a beautiful touch to the decor of your baby’s nursery.

Does the baby mobile need to match the decor of the baby nursery?

Nowadays nursery decor becomes a trend and most parents like to match their mobile according to their theme. However, many baby mobiles out there are available which will go great with multifarious themes. All you have to do is look for them.

How can be vision stimulated through the use of baby mobiles?

Since babies are enticed to colors and patterns, it’s easy to stimulate their vision through baby mobiles. For this to happen, you have to select the one that has the bulk of fun shapes and colors.

Should mobiles contain different types of objects?

Yes, absolutely. The more the objects, the more it encourages a baby to learn new things every time.

Final word

As quality is the priority, we tried to bring the bests for you to choose from. Our top pick for the ideal baby mobile is the Mini Tudous Baby Musical Mobile Crib and Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile. Besides, various ranges of mobiles including different quality features are available out there.

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