When it comes to purchasing a quality and stylish pushchair for your little one, it is important to make sure that you are getting something durable and trustworthy. There is just too much to risk when it comes to purchasing such items for your child. This means that you need to make sure that you are going with something that has been researched well. A product that does not come with a lot of information, both about the good and the bad aspects of the product, is something to pass up on.

The Bugaboo Bee is somewhat of a unique item to be released through Bugaboo. For those who are always running around in this crazy world, this is one of the few prams and pushchairs which is certainly worth your consideration. And since it is designed to look like a big insect, the children will no longer mind being strapped in for a walk through the park or through the department store. Upon reviewing the following, you will have a good idea about the Bugaboo Bee and will be ready to make a better informed decision by yourself.

Understanding the Great Things About the Bugaboo Bee

If you are looking for a pushchair that truly has it all for both you and your child, then the Bugaboo Bee ticks a lot of the boxes. Starting with just the sheer fact that this is something that is extremely easy to maneuver, which is great for the parents who have to steer their child through the maze that stores have become in many places, you will be pleasantly surprised to feel the comfort of the ride this product provides. As far as the size of the buggy goes, it is big enough to handle everything you need it to handle, while being the perfect size for a stroll to the quiet little cafe down the road. And this is not just a pushchair for department store trips as it steers well in all sorts of terrain. Whether you are on the sidewalk, walking through gravel, in the grass, or inside a store or restaurant you will be able to move around as you see fit without any troubles.

Another great feature about the Bugaboo Bee is that you are able to access the under seat basket from the front of the pram. This is great for when the child is laying back in a sleeping position. You will be able to reach everything you need without disturbing the child. This is not a feature that is found in many buggies which makes it more unique.

The seat is one that is all about comfort for the children. After all, no one could expect a child to sit in an uncomfortable seat for too long. The seat also can be moved into four various positions. Newborns all the way up to between two and four years will be able to find a position that is not only comfortable for them but also safe as well. Most young ones who’ve experienced a ride in the Bee are very impressed. And speaking of safety, the brakes on the Bugaboo Bee are considerably good for a lightweight pushchair. This is one of many of it’s innovative features which stack on the user-friendly benefits for you.

There is also a double fold canopy that will help block the sun’s harmful rays from your child’s delicate skin. This pushchair also provides full rain protection for your little one, with a very interesting looking clear plastic cover which cocoons your child in completely. Despite all this, the Bugaboo Bee is still compact and can be folded down into one piece with relative ease, which makes storing and assembling this model a real breeze!

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Possible Negatives to Consider

Just like anything that you purchase, there are going to be good and attractive points, and there are still going to be some less-perfect aspects to consider. The idea, though, is to make sure that you’re fully aware of both the upsides and the downsides so that when you make a purchase, you’re not going to get any disappointing or nasty surprises. By knowing all of the facts from the start, you will be less likely to regret your purchase decision and truly be appreciative of the product that you’ve chosen.

One of the things that have been considered to be a downfall of the Bugaboo Bee is that it is not the widest or the tallest pushchair on the market. So before you buy, check the dimensions to be sure that you’ll be suited to it’s size. The Bee is designed for newborns and children up to the age of four years old, although we have tested it out and we can only recommend it up to about the age of two.

Another thing that has caught the attention of many people is the price tag on the Bugaboo Bee. Yes, it is a little more expensive then some other models out there on the market. But something to remember is that you often times get what you pay for. If you want a pushchair which is great quality and impressive to look upon, then you are not looking for the cheapest thing on the market. This being said, the Bugaboo Bee provides great comfort for all newborns, offers a unique and very well-sought-after style, is practicality and durability conscious, which makes it look to be quite a good buy for the parent who wants all these things in the one pram/pushchair.

Summary & Conclusion

If you are looking for a pram/pushchair that will be convenient to use, easy to steer, and that’s going to be totally comfortable for your child, then the Bugaboo Bee will, in many cases, be an excellent product to invest in. Both your children and you deserve only the best – and so we think this is among one of the best options available to parents today.

In closing, it is clearly important to understand that you need the right information about the Bugaboo Bee in order to make the best decision for your family. Admittedly, you can hear various opinions on many different prams and pushchairs, but until you look at how a particular design may or may not suit you and your personal needs, you might never know. To help alleviate some of the confusion, below are some more of the facts surrounding this lightweight pushchair, just in case you wish to dig a little deeper.

Bugaboo Bee – Quick Overview


  • From birth, and up to 4 years of age.
  • Up to 15kg / 33lb loading capacity.
  • It should be noted though that the Bee is designed as a light-weight compact pushchair, so the age suitability that the manufacturer specifies for this model is a little inaccurate for most parents. This means that by the age of four, many children aren’t still able to comfortably fit into the Bee.


  • 8 kg / 17.6 lb. (wheels, frame, seating)


  • olded:
    12 in. / 31 cm (H)
    17 in. / 43 cm (W)
    35 in. / 88 cm (D)
  • Opened:
    38.6 in. / 98 cm (H)
    20 in. / 52 cm (W)
    36.2 in. / 92 cm (D)

Key Features:

  • One piece easy fold system.
  • Full two year warranty.
  • Solid chassis made from aluminium.
  • Foot rest.
  • Quick and easy maneuverability.
  • Simple one-piece folding.
  • Transport carry handle.
  • Bottom of seat adapts to your child.
  • Compatible with car seat systems.
  • Sun canopy that deters moisture
  • Fully machine washable fabrics.
  • Under seat basket for storage holds up to 4.2 liters (16 gallons).
  • 5-point child harness for added safety.
  • Accessories include basket, canopy, rain cover, and a DVD user’s guide.


  • Changes between a pram & a buggy with very little effort.
  • Reversible seat – meaning both front & back laying pram positions (facing you or facing away).
  • four-position reclining back rest.
  • Capacity for one child weighing up to 15 kg / 33lb.


  • Height of handle adjusts between 35.8 inches and 42.1 inches, or 91 cm and 107 cm – to suit the user’s height.


  • Lockable front swivelling wheels.
  • Front: Two swiveling lightweight 6 inch wheels.
  • Back: Two fixed lightweight 6 inch wheels.
  • Foam-filled rubber construction.
  • Secure foot activated braking system.
  • Independent suspension system effective for each of the 4 wheels.


Final Note: Although the Bee’s signature look includes the bee-yellow sun canopy, we do not particularly recommend you go with the yellow colour yourself. This is because most insects are instinctively attracted to bright yellow colours, and so it tends to draw in the bugs much more! If you’re not already attached to the bright yellow “bee” colour, then we’d suggest going with one of the other hood colour options Bugaboo has on offer. But then again, this is purely up to you!