6 Best Shoes for Babies Learning to Walk

It’s always a thing of joy to watch your little pumpkin take his first steps. But with the excitement, also comes the need to buy your first pair of baby shoes. That’s why we come with 6 Best Shoes for Babies Learning to Walk in 2020.

Baby shoes are not designed exactly the same way as older kids or adult shoes. Instead, they are built to offer a wider fit and more flexibility so it almost feels like your baby is walking barefoot.

Herein, we’ve rounded up the best shoes for babies learning to walk based on research and expert recommendations.

After all, you want to buy a pair that fits comfortably and doesn’t hurt. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you got something that also looks adorable.

6 Best Shoes for New Walkers

There are various types of baby shoes on the counter, but how do you know the best ones? That’s exactly why we are here.

Below is a review of our top selections for new walkers, in no particular order. Top of Form

Carter’s Kids’ Park Sneaker

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Carter’s Kids’ Park Sneaker

To kick off this list is the Kids’ Park Sneaker by Carter. Made with 100 percent synthetic material, this pair is one of the most affordable options in the market.

But it’s not only the low price tag that makes Carter desirable but also the number of supportive features it offers just like many premium leather shoes.

In addition to the shoe construction, the soles are also made of synthetic material, which makes the entire shoe light and flexible.

The shoe also features grooves that offer enough traction to provide a stable support for your kid. This makes it great for kids who love to cruise around (coincidentally, almost all kids love to cruise around).

Talking of the shoe closure, it’s hook and loop, which is just as effective as Velcro. It is not only quick but also easy to use and adjust.

You will also be impressed by the clean white color of the shoe which easily blends with any outfit.


  •  Versatile
  •  Good traction
  •  Very comfortable
  •  Highly durable


  • We couldn’t identify any

Robeez Boy’s Low Top Sneaker

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Robeez Boy’s Low Top Sneaker

Infant shoes are meant to be breathable with none skid soles. They are not only expected to fit but also offer enough room for your baby to move and grip his toes. This is exactly what Robeez is all about.

The Low Top Sneakers do not only protect your little boy’s feet but also support their development.

One major feature that makes them stand out is the split sole design which consists of a non-skid rubber bottom that provides adequate traction while still being very flexible.

The use of canvas leather for the body construction makes the shoes very comfortable and easy to move around with.

It will also interest you to know that the pair is made in the US, which further guarantees its quality. The addition of inner foam cushioning also provides increased comfort.

You will also be impressed by the style of the shoes which seems to fit every occasion. Many parents have already expressed their delight with the pair.

Overall, we think these Robeez sneakers meet all the requirements for the best shoes for babies learning to walk. We can’t recommend them enough.


  • Affordable
  • Elegant design
  • Good traction
  • Very comfortable


  •  May peel away sooner

Freshly Picked - Soft Sole Leather Moccasins

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Freshly Picked – Soft Sole Leather Moccasins – Baby ShoesBottom of Form

Freshly Picked Moccassins Shoes is another stylish pair you can rely on to protect your baby’s feet.

If you don’t mind paying extra for quality, then these are the shoes to go for. Freshly Picked is made of 100 percent soft leather which makes them perfect for simulating a barefoot walking experience.

Even though they cost more than the other shoes on the list, it shouldn’t come much as a surprise considering the kind of material the shoes are made from.

No rubber sole is used here – everything is leather.

This is responsible for the good traction the shoes provide, which allows your baby toes to get a better grip on the ground.

In addition, the shoes are lightweight and breathable, providing enough room inside for the baby to move his/her feet while making it easier for them to move around.

The shoes have an elastic opening which fits comfortably well even on wiggly feet. Each one of the shoes are designed in the same way, so they can be worn on both feet – there’s no right or left shoe.

Also available in numerous styles and color, the pair is giving you more options to choose from. This makes them a great choice as crib shoes which your baby can wear even before they take his first step.


  •  100 percent premium leather
  • Highly durable
  •  Stylish design
  •  Great choice for early walkers


  •  Color may rub off sooner

Merrell Kids' M-Bare Steps Sneaker

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Merrell Kids’ M-Bare Steps Sneaker

Once your baby can walk comfortably, it is only natural for him to start cruising around. So the next thing you want to do is get him/her a pair that offers a little more protection, especially on outdoor terrains. The M-Bare Steps Sneakers by Merrell has been specially designed for this purpose.

Although Merrell brand shoes are most common among hiking enthusiasts, their baby shoes are also designed to be just as good. So you can rely on the quality of M-Bare.

The shoes do not only provide adequate traction and support but also come equipped with flexible grooves that promote easy movement and balance.

They arrive with a wide toe box just like the Bare Steps Sandals, which are also great baby wears. The extra space provided makes them adaptable to growing toes.

As earlier indicated, the shoes are great for outdoor cruising – thanks to their soft outsole and good traction. They are durable and have a reasonable pricing. We highly recommend them.


  • Good grip
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Highly flexible
  •  Elegant design


  • Expensive

Pediped Girls' Betty Mary Jane

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Pediped Girls’ Betty Mary Jane

Pediped is special among moms because it was founded in 2005 by a real mom who wished for nothing more than a pair that felt like bare feet.

The brand has since become one of the biggest things in the world of baby shoes with a wide assortment of styles and designs. Mary Jane’s collection is one of their most fabulous offerings available for early walkers.

These shoes do not only look adorable but are just as functional as most premium brands. They come with almost everything you can expect from the best shoes for new walkers.

They are soft leather shoes with non-slip soles that can fit up to 24 months size.

The use of Velcro for their closure system is an excellent addition as it makes them easy for the baby to use.

Velcro has always been the preferred choice for most parents because of how quickly it makes kids learn. The baby is able to open and close his/her shoes without relying on mommy and daddy every time.

Another good thing about Velcro is that they can be easily adjusted for smaller or wider feet. This is exactly what you get with Mary Jane.

The shoes are not only easy to wear but also comfortable and breathable.

Although we impressed with the silver color, you can still choose from other color options if prefer something else.

Many buyers consider the shoes a little expensive, which is not surprising considering their leather construction.

That said, these are high quality shoes for babies learning to walk. Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these shoes really hold up well. What more can you ask for?


  •  Great quality
  •  Highly durable
  •  Soft and comfy
  •  Velcro closure


  •  We couldn’t identify any

Stride Rite Kids

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Stride Rite Kids’ Soft Motion Jazzy SneakerBottom of Form

Last but definitely not the least item on the list of our favorite baby first walking shoes is the Kids’ Soft Motion Jazzy Sneaker by Stride Rite.

These shoes may be a little pricey but they cannot overlooke if you really want a pair of infant sneakers that doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality.

They come with everything you can expect from the best shoes for babies learning to walk – flexibility, balance, stability, comfort…name it.

The shoes made of high quality leather material and feature a rubber sole that keep your baby’s feet well-protected.

They also feature deep flexible grooves that make it easier for your baby to move his/her feat. The rounded soles help to increase the stability of the shoes thereby minimizing falls and stumbles.

The addition of contoured heel cradles and molded foot bed also help to encourage the development of your baby’s feet.

It will also interest you to know that the shoes treated to reduce odor. Plus, the shoes made in the US, so you can rely on the quality.


  •  Great quality
  •  Super comfortable
  •  Durable


  •  A bit pricey

What to Look For Before Buying

When looking for the best shoes for babies learning to walk, there are few things you need to keep in mind in order to make an informed decision.

Let’s look at the most important ones;


The type of closure used for a shoe is vital as it determines how easy it is to open and close the shoes and adjust it. In addition to a secure closure, you also want something that is quick and easy to use so as to enable your baby learn quickly.

Common closure systems are Velcro, snaps, slip-ons, buckles and straps, and so on.


Another important thing to look out for is padding. You want a pair that has good padding around the ankle.

This adds to the comfort of the shoes and makes them easier to move around with. When there isn’t enough padding, the shoes become uncomfortable for the baby and may bring about rashes.


Another key consideration to make when purchasing baby shoes is the sole that used. The sole is important because it is largely responsible for the flexibility and stability of the shoes. So make sure you go for non-slip shoes that have flat and flexible soles and can bend easily.

This will give your baby the flexibility to move his/her feet and also ensures there’s enough traction and support to keep him on the ground.

Be wary of stiff shoes that don’t allow feet to breathe.


Even as adults, we find it hard to move around with shoes that aren’t exactly our sizes. This same also applies to kids.

You don’t want a shoe with too much space as it may cause your baby to trip. In the same manner, a smaller sized shoe may curl or bend your baby toes.

So make sure you go for a pair with the correct size every time even if it means you have to replace them after a few months.


Cost is always an important factor when purchasing any item, especially when it’s something as timely as your baby shoes.

You don’t want to spend too much money on a single pair since you’re most likely to purchase a new one in six months or so. But this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality.

You must always put quality before price.

Final Words

There you have it – the best shoes for babies learning to walk.

In compiling this list, we focused on factors such as materials, padding, size, brand, and so on. Feel free to make your choice.

We have no doubt that you won’t be disappointed.


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