Are Metal Cribs Safe? – Pros & Cons of Metal Cribs

A crib is a bed with giant sides that babies snooze in. Mainly it is an infant bed with high surrounding typically slatted sides which is very tiny in size, basically for newborns and very young children.

Though a baby crib is a focal thing of the present nursery they are historically current evolution, substantially because they are safe. In the initial few months of life, your baby will pass more time asleep than awake, so that you have to ensure a fine sleeping environment for your baby.

In that case, a crib in one of the significant nursery ventures you’ll make that hopefully offers you years of pleasure and clocks in hours of uninterrupted sleep to your tiny one. While a lovely nursery is important, you also have to prioritize comfort with maximum safety more than fashion and good looks.

A fine crib has to be safe, solidly constructed, high-quality, multi-skilled, and a host of features to meet one’s needs. Because finding your little one quietly sleeping in their crib is one of the admirable joys of parenting.

Are Solid Wood Cribs a Better Choice?

Undoubtedly wood cribs a better choice because of their so many fantastic benefits. The most familiar hardwood cribs are made from maple, oak, cherry, ash, mahogany, etc. The best Crib With Storage is made of wood. It has a large storage.

Solid wood cribs seemed to be the favorite choice due to their foremost durability and it is also trouble-free to paint.

Also, they are easy to clean, eco-friendly, and dense. As it is free from any kind of toxins, it will give you peace of mind that your little munchkin will be sleeping in a quality solid wood crib that is safe for him/her.

Solid wood cribs can easily be reused and they’ll still look splendid which is great for parents who plan on having another child. Also solid wood has a simplistic style that offers more grace that will stand out and modify your baby’s room.

Iron vs wooden crib

If you are looking for the best baby crib, it’s necessary to sense everything to understand which one you prefer. Because there are varieties of cribs present in the marketplace with different materials and features.

Now if we talk about the iron cribs, they are damn elegant and have a style statement that is beyond doubt for any nursery. Another mind-blowing thing about iron cribs is their durability. Also, you may need to move the crib for some reason; iron cribs are lightweight enough to transport.

It is also easy to handle and sanitize. But it will bother you with a price. Because if you consider the price, then iron ones are more expensive than others. On the other hand, wooden cribs come with huge storage options.

They are eco-friendly and non-toxic, which creates a comfortable environment for the baby. It also has a lot of styles to choose from according to your need. They are durable but not quite solid as metal. So both have different features for one to choose from or not.

The Pros & Cons of Metal Cribs

A baby crib is a crucial investment and responsibility; it’s good to check the pros and cons of the crib. Before your final selection, it’s clever to do some studies about the crib to meet your needs most.

Pros of metal cribs

  • Extremely durable! Metal cribs are more sturdy than woods. They are more likely to last a longer period than other cribs. You can reuse it too for your future baby even after your tiny one outgrows her crib.
  • Elegant! Metal cribs have attractive designs with high-end elegance which can’t be ignored. It creates a stunning look for your home nursery. Now they are being offered in various contrasting colors, which is also a plus point for ones to compliment their decor.
  • Light-weight! Metal cribs are more lightweight than wooden cribs. That’s why it is portable enough that you can effortlessly move the crib from one place to another which is a great benefit.

Cons of metal cribs

  • Expensive! Metal cribs can be slightly expensive. They cost a bit of money to make because of their rigid frameworks and complex designs. So, if you want an opulent piece of stuff for your nursery then you should for metal cribs.
  • Limited selection! The design of metal cribs soberly creates a classy nursery, but unfortunately, you can only pick from two styles including: antique and classic.

Safety Considerations

While using a crib, safety considerations are a must thing you should keep in mind. First, observe all the screws and hardware on a regular basis and tight them if needed.

Every time place your baby on their back in a crib with a resistant and tight-fitting mattress. Make certain the crib has not been recalled by the maker.

A clear bed is best for infants, so ensure maximum space which has to be free from stuffed toys or unnecessary things like pads, quilts, comforters, etc to prevent suffocation. Also, don’t decorate toys with strings.

Place the crib in a comfortable place and away from windows to avoid any kind of accidents. try to apply a sleeper alternative to a blanket. Besides, your sleepwear and sheets should be fire retardant.

When Do You Need a Crib?

It is better to move your baby into the crib in the middle of 3 months to 6months. Some newborns also sleep well in a small-scale, cozier space like a crib. Yet it’s too young to think that they will sleep all over the night.

Equally, if your baby is still sleeping soundly in their bassinet, then it might not be a great plan to switch her into the crib. You have to go slower by laying the baby down there in the crib for naps, to get the baby used to it.

When they’ll be comfortable with their crib, you can smoothly shift them into the crib from the bassinet.

Is a bassinet as safe as a baby crib?

A bassinet is a bed particularly for babies from just born to about four months. As it is about security, both cribs and bassinets are extremely safe for your baby.

Though bassinets have weight limits and simply can be used for the earliest few months of a baby’s life. And you can rest assured about your baby with bassinets because they allow for more wholesome co-sleeping with utmost safety.

Also, bassinets are lightweight and you’re able to carry your baby around the house. It is ideal for small living spaces too.

How to Choose a Crib

The only place a baby will spend more time than your arms is in their crib. So it’s significant to pick a great one. When it comes to cribs, there are a lot of safety qualities to look out for aside from color and fashion.

  1. The mattress of the crib should be thick, solid, and not sag under your baby’s weight. Make sure that it fits tightly and there is no space around the sides. It will be much better if you find a convertible mattress.
  2. Crib bars should be spaced not more than 2-3/8 inches distant and the top of the crib’s rail should be 26 inches over the mattress. Headboards and footboards should be firm with no beautifying cutouts.
  3. Avoid corner posts that could cause snug clothing. No need to worry about bumpers because they don’t help that much with safety issues. But older kids might manage to climb out. try to ignore cribs with drop rails, as it is not safe for the baby.
  4. Another thing that should be ensured is the crib you have chosen has to be non-toxic and if it’s painted, the color shouldn’t be splintery. Lastly, if you are buying a second-hand one, make sure it fulfills present safety standards.

Why Are Old Cribs Dangerous?

New cribs are not that reasonable and picking out a secondhand one can save a lot of money. So some parents may find it a better opportunity to buy an old crib to save a little bit of money.

Sometimes, there can also be commitments of emotional request to using a crib that’s been surpassed down through the family. But it is not a safe decision to make, mostly if they’re more than 10 years old.

Slats of older cribs could be more than 2-3/8 inches apart or there can be cut-out patterns in both headboards and footboards which may lead to injury. They are also bumpy and may be full of splinters. In the case of drop rails, it’s also probable that the crib could have been recalled which caused entrapment for the baby.

That’s why drop rails were officially forbidden by CPSC too. The hardware and joints on an older crib have the possibility of breaking and screws might be loosening up. The wood and glue can become fragile too, which can cause slat collapse down the road while the baby is sleeping.

Better solution for you buy cheap baby crib under 200$ & Soft crib mattress under $100.

As your baby will spend maximum time in a tiny bed, it’s your responsibility to ensure maximum safety. In brief, older cribs barely meet the safety specifications and are not safe for babies.

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