How to stop the baby from climbing out of Crib

As your child’s development progresses, so does their intelligence. You can never overreact when your child starts to climb. So, How to stop the baby from climbing out of Crib?

You will also see fancy activities by holding the crib railing. The Crib side is a little scary even if there is enough security in front of the Crib.

You can also find out from the article when your child’s time to transition?

What happens when your baby climbs out of the Crib

It’s a kind of good news, even if you feel a little anxious when your baby is climbing out of the Crib. A milestone for your kids, and it’s a great thing.

It led to the beginning of his physical and developmental changes. You can take a look at “climbing out of crib” without looking at it badly.

Let’s take a look at the critical developmental aspects of the baby.

Physical change:

For example, when your child first learns to walk, he feels more independent on his own feet, and your pain is reduced a little. You can’t change all these rules of nature even if you want to.

Similarly, when he learns to climb with one foot, he may not be able to balance. First, he may not be able to lift one foot and go down. It’s a fascinating subject, even if you feel anxious.

Theoretically, these are natural things. But you have to be careful.


As your child learns new techniques, he will further develop his or her knowledge. Through this, the attitude of independence will come with that time, and you will see development.

Although his creative attitude makes you anxious every day, these are normal. But let’s learn about techniques that keep your Baby or Toddler from Climbing Out of Their Crib.

How to stop the baby from climbing out of Crib

Lower the mattress

What is Lower the Mattress? Reducing the thickness of the mattress is usually called Mattress lower. How to mitigate and make its lowest setting?

When you first brought your baby home from the hospital, you put the mattress in the highest position so you can stay close to the couch.

As the baby gets older, forget to lower the mattress, but bring it to a minimum. We have reviews of some crib mattresses under 100 that you can see.

You can remove the dolls, toys, blankets on the mattress. The kids try to climb on them. Besides, There is no need to put a thick pillow in the Crib.

Add Crib Accessories

baby's white and black bassinet

One thing that you can do is to hang crib accessories a little closer to his head. These can be toys rotating musicals, etc.

The advantage of this is that when you hang them on his Crib, he will be attracted first, and then he will not get a place to get up even after standing because he will feel that something is creating obstacles above his head.

It is another type of idea that allows your child to stop climbing out of the Crib.

Remove unnecessary items

Teddy bears, pillows, books, stuffed animals, toys, blankets cannot be kept in the baby’s Crib. Depending on these, the children try to get up. Instead, you can use small toys to seduce a child.

Don’t overreact

You may know that a small child tries to do what he is forbidden to do over and over again. Most children do this kind of work.

It would help if you did not give an enormous reaction when he tries to climb on top of the Crib. You can’t force him. Do something so that he forgets through any other topics.

Adjust Crib Position

The Crib has two sides, one high and the other low. If you place the Crib on one side of the wall of the house, you must set the lower side towards the wall and the upper side opposite it.

It will keep your baby safe. This point is not working for you if you have a crib in the middle of the room.

Use Nightlight

Baby with night light

When your child wakes up in the middle of the night, you can place a night light with an automatic sensor next to the Crib. It will automatically wake up when he wakes up so that the lights are on, and you can be brilliant.

Because you can’t quickly develop sleeping habits, You can teach slow sleep training by placing an alarm next to the Crib.

At What Age Do Toddlers Climb Out Of Their Crib

Usually, 3 or 4 years old limb Out of their Crib and 18 months old climbing out of the Crib, these depend on the child’s courage, learning tendency, and weather.

Again 14 months old means that transition to a toddler bed has no meaning. I would personally say wait until three years to switch to a toddler bed.

what to do when baby climbs out of Crib and hit their head 

Loads of children climb out of their cribs every day and by no means get harm. However, stuff occurs. In case your little one hits their head completely an escape artist try, don’t panic — however, remember to take the following steps:

  1. Regulate your little one for the following number of hours. Name your physician for those who discover any worrying signs, like in case your little one complains of a headache, loses consciousness or appears excessively sleepy, vomits, won’t cease crying, or is solely appearing unusual or “off.”
  2. Provide them some cuddles and one other comforting object or exercise to calm them down. You won’t be capable of assessing your little ones if they’re crying hysterically.
  3. Terminate any bleeding with mild stress, then clear and bandage the cut, if there’s one.
  4. Apply ice to any swelling or redness. It’s OK if your little one has a reasonably large bump on the baby’s head; that’s regular.

Most childhood boo-boos, together with baby bumps on the pinnacle, aren’t a severe trigger for alarm. However, believe your instincts and name physician for those who aren’t sure whether the signs are challenging.

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