Do baby cribs come with mattresses

We use cribs for babies so that they can sleep safely and feel comfortable. Comfort comes from the mattress Fabric & materials. So do baby cribs come with mattresses? Of course not. So let’s find out where to buy crib mattresses and how to care for them.

What is a crib mattress? 

A kind of mattress that is stronger, softer than adults, and supports the baby’s growing bones, which is placed on top of a crib. These are especially waterproof and eco-friendly best mattress pads for baby cribs. So now the question is do these mattress pads come with cribs?

Do baby cribs come with mattresses ?

Mattresses are usually sold separately. The standard-size crib mattresses do not come with cribs. When buying the best mattress pad for a crib, the materials, quality, and important features (waterproof, comfortable) should be checked. Also, the subject of the crib with mattress and changing table is a little different. In this case, you get a little more benefits.

what is the standard crib mattress size?

The dimensions of standard crib mattresses in the world, especially in the United States, are the same. All baby crib mattresses range in length from 51.5 to 53 inches and from 26.5 to 28 inches in width. Mattress thickness 4 to 6 inches. The thicker the crib mattress, the more comfortable your baby will feel. That is, the thickness of the mattress is proportional to the comfort. However, there is a difference in size between mini crib sheets and cribs for twins.

How to wash crib mattress

Wash a crib mattress very easy. Just follow the instruction.

Total Time: 1 minute

Examine Owner’s Manual

First, read the mattress owner’s manual to see if you can use hot water and detergent.

It not allowed

If you are not allowed to use it, open the mattress pad and put it in the laundry and gently clean the dirt with a vacuum cleaner and let it dry in the sun. You can use disinfectant if you want.

If allowed

If allowed, wash the crib mattress with detergent in lightly warm water after using the vacuum cleaner.


Then squeeze out all the water from the mattress like a towel.

Use Disinfectant

Then spray disinfectant chemical. This will kill all the germs and bacteria and leave if there is a bad smell.

Make Dry

Lastly, observe that there is no damp place and let it dry in sunlight

when to replace the crib mattress?

The crib mattress needs to be changed after a certain period of regular use. But when will that time come? First of all, if you notice any signs of rash or contouring on the baby’s body, then it should be changed. After a while, germs and bacteria accumulate in the urine and other fluids in large quantities which are not removed even in a thousand washes.

The new mattresses retain their original shape even after shrinking. When you notice that it is not returning to its previous state in time, then it is time to replace the mattress. Cribs are made of wood, metal, and so on but the best crib with storage is fully made of is comfortable to use.

Are there other crib options besides a standard crib?

There are many types of cribs. Cribs are one step smaller than standard cribs, known as mini cribs. I find it a little difficult for an infant to lie down. No problem if your baby is small but you have to change the crib when it is big.

You will see more pairs of cribs in the market, these are known as twins cribs. The size that can accommodate two kids together.


what crib mattress to buy?

The mattress pad must be comfortable, safety, waterproof and eco-friendly. We have reviewed the best crib mattress and crib mattress pads you can see.

where to clean the crib mattress?

You can open the mattress pad and clean the house yourself with hot water and detergent. You can dry it well in sunlight to kill germs.

Are All Crib Mattresses The Same Size?

Yes, all standard crib mattresses are the same size. The sizes are slightly different for mini and twin crib mattresses.

Can I use a second-hand crib mattress?

No, the second-hand crib mattress is harmful to your baby. Your infant may be sick. These are not hygienic. Stay away from other unattractive mattresses.

How long does a crib mattress last?

Specifically, its timing cannot be estimated. Longevity depends on its use and quality. However, you can confirm when to change the mattress and the mattress pad

Do baby cribs come with mattresses?

No, Most of the cases mattress don’t come with baby crib. But sometimes seller sales combo offer.

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