Quinny Buzz The Best Baby Stroller in 2020

The Quinny Buzz is a great pushchair which deserves any prospective parents’ consideration. Suitable from birth to around three years old. It packs some serious adaptability and useful features that all users are sure to appreciate. Now we discuss the Best Baby Stroller .

The Buzz is a sturdy three-wheeler with smooth suspension, making it perfect for not only everyday suburban use but also some light off road activity, such as parks or country tracks. It also comes with a range of optional extras to ensure you get the most out of your baby pushchair experience. Here we discuss some of the major pros and potential cons of this attractive pushchair.

Child’s Comfort

The Buzz is designed very much with your baby’s comfort in mind, even in off-road situations. The three pneumatic rubber wheels provide good suspension, giving a smooth ride over grass, gravel and other moderate terrain. This makes the Buzz a great ride of choice for a family outing to the park or just plain everyday use. If your child need comfy then see the Best Baby Stroller from our reachers.

This pushchair comes with two seat units, one with extra padding suitable for a newborn and another “second-stage,” larger seat designed for 18 months and up. This ensures that your child is getting the right support at each stage of development.

The seat is well padded and snug, although smaller than the 2006 model- the footrest can adjuste to give greater length but width remains the same. It designed to hold the child in a comfortable seated position. But can  tilte back for when it comes time to rest. Some parents may find it disappointing that the seat does not recline. But, simply tilts back at the same angle, meaning that the child is holding in the original position rather than lying completely flat. Check out the Dreami carry cot, and optional extra for this model, if that is a concern for you.

This model comes complete with great protection features for when you take your baby out in the weather. The fitted rain cover encloses the entire seat, including the footrest, so no moisture can creep in from above or below. It has a convenient zip over the front for easy access to the inside, while still keeping the cover in place. This is particularly useful for situations. Such as going out to the shops, where you can open up the front while inside and just close the once zip before going back out again. The hood incorporates discreet wind shields, keeping the inside as protected as possible. The only potentially worrisome aspect here is the sun shield, which as with many of these types of chairs is quite small. You may want to invest in the parasol attachment, another optional extra- see the section below for details.

The last issue which bears mentioning are the straps on the main pushchair seat. These are of good design, intended to keep your baby safely in place- while they do a great job, they seem a little short for a growing child. Additional strap extensions are available, but you may find these necessary after the 6-month point, depending on the size of your baby. If you find this to be the case, contact customer service as they should provide them without charge. This is something that should have been better thought out at the production stage. Follow  the best Baby Stroller for your little one.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

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Ease of Use and Maneuverability

The great thing about the Quinny Buzz is its adaptability; there are five seat positions, three front-facing and two parent-facing options. The various optional extras easily attached and allow for real versatility (see below for details), which can make life a lot easier depending on your needs. The seat is removable and the frame can collapse for easy storage and transport. Once folded, the frame is still not small but should not be a problem for most cars. The seat can be detached for cleaning, and as could be expected is hand wash only.

The frame incorporates a hydraulic system, making unfolding an absolute breeze. Just un-clip the safety catch and nudge the handlebar upwards, and the frame will spring up into its correct position. You can then clip the seat or carrycot straight in, which is great if the baby is already resting in it- no need to disturb. This unfolding process can even be done hands-free with a nudge from the foot.

Folding away is more difficult. The hydraulics make the action quite stiff and resistant, and double-hand action is necessary, pushing and pulling two clips at the same time as folding the frame downward. There is a definite knack to this, so it will become easier with regular use, but it can still be rather inconvenient. The brakes are foot-operated and easy to use.

Maneuverability of this pushchair is great, and the length-adjustable handles make it easy to use for a person of just about any height. The front wheel can swivel or be locked in position, which gives better suspension for the baby. The rear wheels are set quite far apart, which gives good stability but also can make doorways and tight spaces quite hard! While not too much to manage, you need to be aware of this as the small front end can be deceiving. Importantly, though, this pushchair is nice and smooth to push and turn.

The Buzz has a great, tight turning circle which is handy on shopping expeditions. The storage basket is small, though, so you can’t rely on it for holding any baggage. It will only hold necessary attachments like the rain cover, wheel pump and puncture kit. There is a shopping basket provided as an optional extra. If you are looking the best Baby Stroller, then read next.

The important thing to remember with this pushchair is to read the instructions, as most difficulties can be solved with an understanding of proper use. Once this is covered, you should find the Buzz a pleasure to use.

Quality and Durability

The Buzz is a high-quality product, constructed solidly with an aluminum chassis. The folding and unfolding mechanism runs smoothly and securely. Seat, covers and attachments are durable and easy to clean; all very important features in a pushchair you expect to use regularly for up to three years.  the best Baby Stroller collections have both quality and durability.

Close examination reveals two issues with the Buzz which may be of concern. Firstly, the pneumatic tyres supplied made of rubber which seems on the thin side, making punctures a real possibility. Users need to be sure to carry the puncture kit at all times- as an extra precaution you may want to consider having the original tyres replace with sturdier ones.

Secondly, you need to be aware of the brakes. Although they stand up to thorough testing, we have heard reports of faulty brake cables on this model snapping with prolonged use. This of course will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but in some situations a failed brake can be a safety issue. It is never a good idea to leave any pushchair unattended, especially on a slope. Certainly, this is something to particularly keep in mind here.


The main safety concern with the Buzz is the durability of the brake cable, as discussed above. Another point to be aware of while getting used to this pushchair is that you need to be careful when the frame is in folded position- it tends to spring upright unless fastened or held in the correct position. This is not so much a safety issue as an annoyance, unless any fingers get in the way! For this reason it is important to make sure the safety clip properly fastened when folding the chassis away.

The Buzz comes with a standard 5-point harness, keeping its passenger safely held in position. This feature is easy to use and effective. As with any pushchair, it is important to be aware of correct usage procedures according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Any failure to do so will result in a greater safety risk.

The Quinny Buzz comes with a variety of great optional extras for separate purchase, resulting in what the manufacturers call an “ideal travel system”. Aside from the two standard age-appropriate seats. You can also purchase the Dreami carrycot, Maxi-Cosi car seat, shopping basket, footmuff, season set, Maxi-Cosi Easyfix unit, parasol clip, and parasol. The Dreami carrycot is a spacious option for use as a daybed or for sleeping on the go, something the original chair is less suited for, and the car seat can be great for outings involving a lot of travel as there is no need to disturb the baby. Both seats can easily attache to the chassis with use of adapter attachments. Security include from the best Baby Stroller , lets check our post.

The shopping basket is a nice addition for extra storage, which the original package lacks- however, don’t expect to fit an entire grocery haul in there. The footmuff (really more like a baby pouch) is a worthwhile extra spend- it is very warm and fleecy and can even adjuste to gently draw around your baby’s head much like a hooded jacket. This really helps to keep the warmth in during those colder months. The footmuff can also be left unzipped to give the chair a soft, fleecy lining.

The season set, parasol clip and parasol are nice to have there as options, depending on the climate of your area. The parasol in particular is a standout, as its handle can bent and manipulate to give just the right degree of shade. I do wonder, though, why the clip and parasol must purchase separately when they are necessarily using together- maybe this is just an excuse to charge those few extra pounds.

Looks and Popularity

Another great aspect of the Buzz are its unique, attractive looks and sleek urban design. This pushchair is a real head turner and draws a lot of compliments. It is also quite easy to keep clean, meaning it stays in as-new condition for as long as possible. This model, once considered an unconventional choice, is becoming increasingly popular due to its winning combination of style and substance.

Price Tag for the best Baby Stroller

The Quinny Buzz is not a cheap option, but represents good value for money. The materials and construction are of quality, and its adaptable nature means the Buzz should be the only pushchair you will ever need. Consider carefully when you choose among the optional extras, too, as this is where the cost will really add up. Resale value is excellent due to the high quality and good reputation of the brand. All in all, a worthwhile investment if you think it will suit your needs.

Customer Service and Warranty

Quinny’s after sales service is comprehensive, prompt and helpful. If you have any queries or concerns you can contact them.
The Buzz comes with a standard 12-month warranty.

Summary and Conclusion

In conclusion, we found the Quinny Buzz to be a quality pushchair and a good investment for you and your child. It is comfortable, adaptable, and easy to use- features. It concerned will be grateful for during its long years of use. What I found to be most disconcerting was the host of optional extras, some of which should perhaps have been included in the main package. However, you can save effort and money by carefully considering which features are really necessary for you. Also, your child’s needs. A three-wheeler is not for everyone, but parents who want a stylish and easy-to-use option capable of going that little bit further than your average pushchair will love the Buzz.

Quick Overview for the Quinny Buzz Pushchair – (Manufacturer Spec) : The best Baby Stroller


  • Suitable from birth to toddler’s age is from of the best Baby Stroller.
  • Up to 15kg / 33.1lb capacity seat and frame designed for maximum weight of up to 20kg / 44.1lb.

Pushchair Weight:

  • 12.8kg / 28.2lb.


  • Folded:
    87.5cm / 34.4in. (H)
    60cm / 23.6in. (W)
    31.5cm / 12.4in. (L)
  • Unfolded:
    87cm / 34.3in. (H)
    65cm / 25.6in. (W)
    100-108cm / 40.6-42.5in. (L)

Best Features:

  • Unique and revolutionary folding system uses pneumatic gas spring technology to facilitate automatic unfolding.
  • Easy to fold into a compact 2D package.
  • Light weight aluminium chassis system.
  • Including sun canopy/hood, rain cover, Clip-on “Buzz Box” Change Bag, as well as CabrioFix car seat adaptors to fix the Cabrio Car Seat to the chassis.
  • Removable, soft touch, bumper bar.
  • Removable, easy-wipe seat covers.
  • Five point safety harness.


  • Adjustable foot and back rest.
  • Extra comfortable and adjustable front and parent-facing seat unit (5 seat positions- 3 forward, and 2 in parent-facing mode.)
  • Includes 2 seat units, 1 with extra padded support for a newborn & an additional larger seat unit for children over 18 months old.
  • Ideal travel system when combined with the matching Maxi-Cosi car seat or cabrio car seat and Quinny Buzz Dreami carrycot.
  • Use alone, add the Dreami pram body to form a pram, or the Maxi-Cosi® CabrioFix infant car seat to form a travel system (both of these are sold separately.)


  • Adjustable handle height with comfortable grip.
  • Height adjusts from 100 to 108cm / 39.4 to 42.5in.
  • Well suited to taller parents as handle extends both upwards and outwards.


  • All-round suspension.
  • Air-filled rear tires.
  • High maneuverability.
  • Self aligning, lockable front swivel wheel.
  • Large 30.5cm / 12in. quick release rear wheels.

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