You Must Know: When Baby Brush Teeth Start

There are so many parents’ milestones to keep track of in the first year of a baby’s life. Brushing teeth is one of them. From the very first tooth, your little one will benefit from total dental care. You might be wondering why you should take care of temporary baby teeth that will soon be replaced with permanent versions. But it essential to look after your baby’s teeth from the very beginning. Because it’s not only established a good dental habit also helps ensure a lifetime of dental health. Let’s take a look When Baby Brush Teeth Start.

 When Baby Brush Teeth Start?

When Should I Start Cleaning My Baby’s Teeth

You don’t even need to wait until the first tooth has come out above the gum line. Caring for their oral hygiene should begin much earlier than that. Even a pediatric dentist recommended cleaning baby’s gums after every feeding. Doing so helps fight bacterial growth and promotes good oral health. Tooth brushing can begin as soon as your little one has their first gum teeth or the first teeth in front of the tongue. And remember, the sooner you start to take care of them, the better for your baby’s dental health. But as they are too little, you have to take some extra care for brushing their teeth. Use a clean, soft, damp washcloth, or a gauze pad or a finger brush to gently wipe clean the first teeth after meals and the bedtime; otherwise, the mouth bacteria can begin to build up. But you have to aware of finger brushes. It should be very soft and with no more than three rows of bristles.

Can Baby’s Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is a mineral found in water, soil, and also in the air. Almost all water contains some fluoride. Fluoride is also added to toothpaste because it can help to:

  • Prevent cavities
  • Limit the growth of oral bacteria
  • Reverse early tooth decay ….and many more things.

There is some debate over the safety of fluoride toothpaste. But the American Dental Association still recommends it for both children and adults. The key is to use it correctly. And for babies, use a rice-grain-sized smear of toothpaste so there is nothing to worry about if your baby swallows some toothpaste because it won’t cause any damage in such a small quantity. So as soon as their teeth start to come out, it’s better to switch to fluoride toothpaste.

How To Teach A Kid To Brush

For many parents teaching kids, good dental care is a twice-daily battle. But it’s a fight worth having. To teach a kid, brush their teeth daily, even twice a day, there are some silly but effective ways. “beat the timer” or “making funny faces” can be exciting for kids. There is also some other way to teach your kid brushing with fun.

  1. set an example: A child copies whatever a parent is doing, so if your child regularly sees you brushing teeth, it will encourage them to brush their teeth regularly. For added fun, you and your kid brush together and pretend to be a mirror and encourage them to copy your every move.
  2. sing a song: For some kids, a little distraction is all it takes to make tooth brushing enjoyable. And tell them to continue their brushing until the song finished. It will help them to brush their teeth with 1:30 to 2 minutes.
  3. Tell them a story: For kids, it’s all about magical to them. They love to believe in magic, and they used to know about the tooth fairy. So tell them to take good care of their teeth so when they give it to the fairy, she will be so glad to see a healthy tooth and love to reward them with gifts or chocolates. So they will love to take care of their oral health.

 When Baby Brush Teeth Start?

What To Do If your Little one dislikes Brushing Teeth

If your child hates to brush teeth, there are some ways to encourage them to have healthy dental habits.

  • Let your kids choose their toothbrush and paste. Kid’s toothpaste always added flavor, and it helps to appeal to children.
  • Have your kids brush their teeth to a song so your child can dance while brushing, as we said previously.
  • Sometimes, your kids need a little motivation to brush their teeth. Try creating a reward system to help make the process easier.

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