How To Keep Baby from Chewing on Crib?

As parents, we love our kids, don’t we? We love to see them grow up. Any harmful act will trigger any parent. We find peace when our baby sleeps peacefully.
But when you wake up, your child’s face and teeth have paint. And the stain has come from chewing the rails of the crib.

As a parent, you will be scared and worried. Now you will think about what to do about this. Is this going to hurt your baby?
We will discuss this matter in detail in this blog.


Why do babies chew on the rails of cribs?

Experts believe in several reasons why babies tend to chew on the crib rails.
1.   Teething of babies.
2.   Tends to explore their surroundings.
3.   Feeling monotonous.
4.   Aiming for attention from parents.
5.   Stress.

Now let’s discuss this briefly.

Teething of babies

Teething of babies is one of the most important among them all. It’s an obvious reason why they chew on the rails of cribs or anything else they see fit.
Children’s teething causes sore gums. Children like to chew something in their mouths to relieve the gums. Toys, own hands, furniture, and even cribs are in the zone of chewing. This is why babies chew on cribs or gnaw on the crib rail more frequently.

To Explore their surroundings

When children are a little older, they try to understand something by touching it or tasting it. For that reason, when something is close at hand, it tries to chew or taste it in the mouth.
Cribs are primarily composed of wood, which appeals to children. As a result, babies try to chew the cribs. You discover teeth marks on baby’s crib.


Babies are also irritable, and chew on crib rails when they are upset. When they are alone or feel sad then they tend to chew on crib paint. Also baby chew on the crib rail.

Seeking attention from parents

Babies try to get attention from parents by crying or fussing. But this is not the only way to get attention.They can chew on cribs to get attention. When they think they are not getting enough attention, they will try new things, and chew on the rails of crib.


They might chew anything; it may cause harm to them. The paint on the cribs is harmful. It may cause serious damage to the health of babies.


Babies can experience stress. When they feel these kinds of negative emotions, they chew on things like cribs to release the negative emotions.
For some certain reasons babies experience stress. When the routine of their daily has been changed or when they are around new people. This might offend their natural behavior.

Is chewing on crib rail normal?

If you see your child chewing on things that are harmful to their health, you might be frustrated. But this is very normal. When babies reach the age of 6 months, they tend to chew things. And it is completely normal.

Chewing on cribs or other things provides them comfort. Children’s tendency to chew on various objects disappears with time. As they understand their environment, they can gradually adapt to the environment. Then they lose this habit.

Now we will discuss how to keep baby from chewing on cribs. As a parent, you can take some steps to stop the baby from chewing on the crib paint.

Teething toy

Providing teething toys is one of the baby chewing crib solutions. There many types of teething toys are in the market. Give them and they will chew it instead of chewing the crib.
Also, some of the toys are soft.


This also releases the pain of the sore gums. But you need to ensure that the toy is unbreakable. Some gel-like toys are good for this. This will stop the habit of chewing on the crib.

Massage over the sore gums

Massaging or brushing on the sore gums of a baby releases the pain in the gums. Babies will feel better and they won’t chew on cribs or other things. This comfort will provide them with better sleep.

So, they won’t wake up at midnight to release the pain of the sore gums. They won’t bite the cribs. Gently brush before sleeping, this will solve the problem.

Using Covers on the rails of the crib

As a parent, you can easily buy crib rail cover. It will cover the painted rails so babies won’t be able to chew on the cribs. These kinds of covers are made of safe clothing materials. So, you won’t be finding any teeth cut on the wooden cribs. Also, you can use silicon guards. The silicon guards will stop baby chewing on the cribs.

Is the paint over the crib harmful?

Cribs paintings are nontoxic. The crib you are buying from a company that shares transparent reports about their safety standards. Not all the company have the right safety standard which is alarming. We know paint contains toxic lead. If the lead paint enters babies’ stomachs, then it will cause severe disease.

The Risks of chewing on cribs

If babies swallow the lead paint, this can harm them. Lead is very toxic. It causes brain damage, different disabilities like learning disabilities, and issues with their eyesight. Problems with behavior and seizures are responsible for lead poisoning.

Mainly a crib is made of wood. If a baby chews on the crib, even a small particle of wood could end up in the infant’s stomach. Any small piece of wood will cause choking.
Ingesting wood will cause intestine problems.


Some diseases like diarrhea, stomach pain, and food poisoning may cause by ingesting the wooden piece from the crib. The cribs contain different viruses and bacteria. Which is harmful to health. If a baby swallows or chews the cot, bacteria or viruses have an opportunity to enter the infant’s stomach.


This can cause different infections. Many of the babies are allergic to the paint. If they chew on the crib this will result in an allergic reaction.



If your baby is chewing on cribs or any material that is not safe for your health, do not panic. Take action according to the blog. You will be getting good results. This is how to get baby to stop chewing on the crib.

And again, chewing on cribs is not abnormal for babies. If any bad thing happens, contact medical personnel. Also, you can visit nearby pedestrians.



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