Best Breathable Baby Mattress Review

Breathable crib mattresses are air-penetrable by form; they are styled to allow air to pass through. The concept behind this design is to make the air moveable through the aspect and open area underneath the surface.

As a result, it inhibits harmful carbon dioxide from increasing so that if an infant is right down and cannot rouse, they will not inhale their expired air again. Also, Babies that slumber in a bent position have a former risk of overheating that generates suffocation and lack of air circulation.

This excess temperature can create the most complex problems for the baby’s breathing. The best breathable baby mattress also keeping the baby’s safety in mind, that is when your baby rolls on his tummy during sleep.

These mattresses have a breathable cover that offers airflow through the bed to help him to breathe without having any difficulty, ultimately abate the infant’s sleep-related deaths.

The review section of top 6 Breathable baby mattress:

1. Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress (Green Guard Gold Certified)

Heavenly Crib Mattress


Safety 1st is one of the top-rated and favorite mattresses on our list, which comes with great features and quality.

This premium mattress is handcrafted with a high-density thermo-bonded fiber core, which means various certified materials are used behind this particular mattress. It supports the firmness of the bed and makes it more durable.

Vinyl is used for the cover art of the mattress, which is waterproof gives the bed a finished matt look.

Besides, this super lightweight mattress allows air to flow independently into crib surroundings eliminating suffocation and rebreathing risks.

You can’t wash the whole mattress; still, you can clean the bed without having any trouble. It has a water-resistant cover, and you can easily clean it with a wipe that prevents bacteria, mold and gives a fresh surface for the baby.

The other mattress above, Along with This mattress, is certified by GREENGUARD for low chemical emissions into the air. It reduces the risk of toxic gas emission that creates several severe problems for an infant.


  • Waterproof
  • Light-weight
  • Quality material
  • Affordable


  • It’s not 100% washable

2. Milliard Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib Mattress (Flip Dual Stage System)


Millard is another renowned brand for its collections. And this infant breathable crib mattress from Millard is worthy of yours every penny. This beautiful mattress is made with a firmer foam base which is topped with quality memory foam.

Besides, our memory foam supersedes all with a higher 3lb and won’t lose its shape quickly. So the mattress is mixed with durability, comfort, and support.

Moreover, it includes an ultra-soft bamboo waterproof cover that adds softness to the mattress. It gives ease to the bed for a better night’s sleep.

You may have to do frequent clean of the mattress because of diaper leaks and spit-up as the cover is fully removable and washable at the machine, so it will be easy for you to clean anytime.

The great news about this mattress is the foam is certified by CertiPUR and exceeds all US standards. There is no chance of any chemical toxicity spreading in the air from the bed as it is free from all kinds of heavy metals.

Lastly, the mattress is fully breathable for infants. It will give him a peaceful surrounding with maximum air circulation.


  • Waterproof
  • Meet with safety standards
  • Quality materials


  • Mild foam smell

3. Bubble bear Premium Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib Mattress (Comfortable/Non-Toxic)


This full-size premium mattress from Bubble bear is a best seller on our list, which comes with a beautiful bicycle design.
If you see, the fabrics and materials used for the mattress are safe and free from harmful products.

The whole inner part of the mattress is made with memory foam which adds both firmness and softness at the same time. Memory foams don’t lose their shape, which makes them long-lasting too.

The outer cover part of the mattress is made following the sanding process by kneading wool. It doesn’t block the air inside the inner part and makes the bed more comfortable.

Because of the materials, there is full of air circulation throughout the mattress. Also, the memory foam maximizes the airflow to irritate the infant during sleep and allow him a sound sleep.

Most of the breathable mattresses are difficult to clean, which is a matter of concern. Already it’s hard for the parents to cope with the infants, and no one likes the hassle of mattress cleaning at that time. But you don’t have to think about cleaning when it comes to bubble bear mattresses. As it is made from high-grade materials, it is easy to clean every time.

As they already mentioned that it is a non-toxic mattress that frees from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. So, there is no chance of chemical emission in the air from the bed. You can get a slight smell during the first use, which is entirely normal, but it will disappear after initial use.


  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic
  • Long-lasting


  • Not extra firm

4. Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress (Certified GOTS and GreenGuard)

Organic Crib Mattress (Certified GOTS and GreenGuard)


If you are conventional in finding more of a mattress, this organic innerspring crib mattress will be an excellent pick for you. Though it’s an organic crib, it offers more than that.

Naturepedic crib mattress comprises certified cotton materials by following Wave-support technology that provides strength and support with pure food-grade polyethylene waves.

It also gives extra firmness to the bed, which offers the proper support to the bones of an infant.
As it is fully organic, the outer part is also crafted with organic materials, and it is waterproof at the same time.

Organic crib mattresses are tending to be more breathable than other ones. It is full of air circulations and fresh surroundings needed for a baby to have a good sleep.

Apart from that, its waterproof surface makes itself easier to clean with a wipe and meets food contact standards.

Lastly, it’s non-toxic and meets with GOTS and GREENGAURD, a standard that proves it’s completely safe from chemical emissions.


  • Organic
  • Non-toxic
  • Breathable


  • A little bit pricy

5. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface 5″ Mini Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Mini Crib Mattress


Moonlight slumbers offer this mid-range min crib mattress with many quality features you might have wanted while having a bed. It can be an excellent choice for your nursery with an affordable budget.

Talking about the materials, it’s utterly handmade with two layers of foam that offer dual sides for both toddlers and infants. They made this with the safest materials possible with perfect firmness at both sides because infants need extra firmness in a mattress than toddlers.

Besides, the inner part is protected by a medical standard, stretchable knit cover which is resilient to water, stain, and odor. It adds extra protection to the mattress.

Because of its quality materials, it won’t give you much hassle while cleaning. It allows you to wipe up leaks quickly and prevent the build-up of germs at the same time.

This super lightweight has proper arrangements of air circulation everywhere. It won’t block air inside and supplies perfect airflow to the mattress, a sign of relief.

Finally, the mattress is certified with Greenguard GOLD, and the foam is CertiPUR-US certified. Also, the whole foam has a fire barrier with no spray-on flame retardant chemicals. That means it utterly safe from chemical emission and takes ultimate care of your child beautifully.


  • Fine materials
  • Safe
  • Waterproof
  • Dual-side


  • Only for min cribs

6. Newton baby Crib mattress (Washable, Non-Toxic & better than organic)


Every parent wants to make sure that their baby gets the best and safest sleep possible, so they might want to have Newton’s crib mattress for both infants and toddlers bed.

The whole inner and cover part of the mattress is thoroughly made with a food-grade polymer which is better than organic. It doesn’t contain any foam, latex, spring, or glue and therefore is recyclable.

Usually, infants make the mattress dirty continuously by their spit-up or accidental potty leakage. And nobody wants to keep it messy and smelly like this as Newton’s bed is 100% washable. It means you can wash the entire mattress at home by yourself, which makes it worthy of paying a little bit more.

Here comes the best part of the mattress. Which is that have an innovative Breathe-thru technology that allows air to flow freely. It reduces the risk of suffocation and rebreathing, even when the baby rolls over their belly during sleep.

Besides, the temperature regulating systems prevent overheating, sweaty backs, and give a comfy rest. That’s why pediatricians also recommend this kind of mattress for babies.

Finally, GREENGUARD GOLD is certified for the lowest emission, reducing the risk of chemical emissions.


  • High-grade materials
  • Fully washable
  • Great breathability


  • A little bit pricy

Can a Breathable Crib Mattress Help to Get Rid of SIDS?

SIDS means sudden infant death syndrome that has no demonstrable reason. And it is one of the damning issues for his infant’s faces. It is termed as a cause of death only when all other motives have been excluded.

Causes of SIDS: Some of the reasons are given below SIDS –happen are

  • babies that sleep in their front down raise a significant risk than babies sleep on their back. Also, babies that sleep on their tummy have a two-time more substantial risk of dying from SIDS.
  • if there is less airflow where the baby rests, it can suffocate the baby that can also cause SIDS.
  • For clothing and unfastened bedding covers, a baby, particularly on the head, can increase the risk of SIDS.
  • overheating and over sweating during sleep can be another reason for it.
  • the outbreak of SIDS also peaks at a time when infants are taking many immunizations.
  • sometimes, when a baby is born prematurely and with other medical factors has its own risk of SIDS
  • if a mattress produces that toxic gases itself, it has the possibility of SIDS.

Since SIDS is a diagnosis of dismissal, there is nothing that can prevent it entirely. But breathable crib mattresses generally help to minimize enough risks of SIDS, which is a great thing.

When high-quality mattresses give airflow through, it helps reduce the shortness of breath of the babies quickly.

Moreover, it’s Overheating, sweating, and gives maximum air circulation so that even if your child is sleeping their face down, it won’t suffocate them. Breathable mattresses are not a cure, but they will surely help you.

What type of breathable crib mattresses essential For Baby?

Selecting a crib mattress might seem like an annoying duty, but it needs careful consideration because your baby will spend a lot of time in his crib. That’s why we recommend parents to purchase the finest one they can. There is stile many good reasons to choose a breathable crib mattress. so, What we need to know-


With a mattress, nearly all that matters is on the inside. That’s why the materials of a bed play a significant role as it is the core of the mattress. The most popular foam is used for mattresses, spring, organic materials (cotton, coconut coir with caveats), etc.

Between foam and innerspring, As long as you select a quality one, both types are helpful. A high-grade foam mattress gives the same support as the innerspring models.

Organic materials are also acceptable for a baby mattress since it is truly natural and breathable. The choice of stuff, therefore, depends on your preference.


Best mattresses are primarily rigid, heavy parts, and resilient. Many mattresses are either double-sided, with a firm infant side or gentle toddler side. Also, mattresses with extra solo firmness for an infant are available in the markets.

If the bed feels excessively cozy, it’s not sufficiently firm for an infant. To keep babies safe and to boost growing bones while they sleep. They have to be solid than an adult’s one apropos.

Cleaning process

The cleaning procedure is a headache for every parent when they purchase a crib mattress. Because at times, your little one will beautify their bed with spit-up, accidental blowouts, and all the rest.

That’s why it’s necessary to be able to clean the mattress effectively. It will be much better if the bed is washable from the cover to the core; otherwise, there will be a scope of spreading mold, bacteria, or fungus. Also, it has to be hassle-free and easy to clean for anyone.


You have to settle upon a crib mattress that fits well into your crib. In general, two types of crib mattresses are seen, one is for mini cribs, and one is for a standard one.

The scope for mini beds is mostly not government-operated. But the traditional crib mattress has to be 28″ broad x 52 and 3/8″ long with a depth, not more than 6 inches which are by CSPC regulated.


The cover is essential for a breathable crib mattress to make it more breathable. Because the surface is not sufficiently breathable, it will build a lack of airflow inside the bed what can cause suffocation for the baby.

Generally, masks are made up of fabric or vinyl. Materials are significantly better than vinyl, as they breathe superfluously and boost up air circulation. But vinyl is more resistible from rips, scuttles, and punctures.


Crib mattresses should have a waterproof and resist mold top. If yours is garment made, make sure to put on a waterproof cover. It will conserve the surface of the mattress from accidental diaper leakage or initial bedwetting that will include your cleaning facile.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Another necessary thing you have to look out for very gingerly while having a mattress that it is thoroughly free from any harsh chemicals and metals. Beds that contain chemicals deliver toxic gases into the air.

They can cause respiratory oppression, nervous-order damage, and even SIDS. Hence, you have to find a mattress that’s formed, barring any harmful and toxic substance.

Certification or safety standards

Your baby will be spending lots of hours daily in their crib along with overnight sleeping and napping.

So, what matters most is the makers have taken all the safety precautions properly, met CPSC observance, and passed expertise certification like Green guard GOLD-certified, CertiPUR-US, GOTS organic textile certification, GOLS latex certification, MADE SAFE certification, and any environmental preserving certification the company may follow.

How can Mattress Toxins Affect The Air My Baby Breathes?

Sometimes breathable crib mattresses are made up of alternative polymers, polyurethane foam, and even heavy metals.

These kinds of materials deliver harmful chemical-filled dust and toxic gases into the air that causes episodic poising, which creates suffocation, breathing problem, and death issues.

Why do You Use A Breathable Crib Mattress Cover?

Breathable Crib Mattress Cover

If you are want to have a breathable mattress for your baby, you also need to use a breathable crib mattress cover. When you use a breathable cover for your bed, it allows for airflow through the mattress that keeps up the air circulation.

If the baby sleeps in the prone position, it will help him to breathe. It also alleviates the chances of suffocation and allows for a sound environment. That’s why; it is a must to use a breathable crib mattress cover.


Why Do Pediatricians Recommend a Breathable Mattress?

Nowadays, most pediatricians have started recommending a breathable mattress for infants as they are safe.

Breathable crib mattresses have been planned with air-permeable materials to pull in rebreathing, usually when an infant sleeps in a prone position. Since breathable mattresses give adequate air circulation and eliminate affairs of suffocation, overheating, and irritation.

so, pediatricians love to recommend it for your little one to sleep peacefully with absolute safety.

Is a breathable crib mattress safe?

best breathable crib mattress saftey

A variety of mattresses is available in the market that claims 100% safety. But it doesn’t mean they are safe for your baby. Breathable doesn’t care for safe because sometimes they are made by harmful materials with toxins. And do not match with the safety guidelines, which may lead to SIDS.

Breathable crib mattresses are only safe for use when they reach safety standards and are made up of accurate organic materials. As it is about your child’s safety, you have to be careful always.

Should I buy a breathable crib mattress?

Yes, you definitely should buy a breathable crib mattress. Nothing can be more reliable than a breathable crib mattress to build a safe sleeping environment for your little one. Who not only allow the baby to sleep peacefully but also offer maximum safety.

So even if the baby rolls upon on his belly or sleeps in a difficult position, they won’t be rebreathing, which is a great relief for every parent. So if you buy a breathable crib mattress that exceeds all safety standards, it will be a genuine deal for you.

Does a breathable mattress prevent SIDS?

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is not a disease that you can prevent. All you can do is trying to lessen the chances of SIDS.

In that case, breathable crib mattresses can be a support for parents. It eliminates overheating, excessive sweating and provides the utmost air supply through the mattress that ultimately reduces the risks of SIDS.

As we already said, it wouldn’t prevent it, but it will create a good place for your baby.

Goodbye Words

When it’s about infants, things become sensitive for parents and providing a secure place for the baby to sleep a big commitment. In that case, choosing the right crib mattress hopefully will help you a lot for years with bliss. Crib mattresses need to be cushy, but they also need to be safe.

If you want our recommendation, then Newton’s breathable mattress might be able to meet all your expectations. Besides, if you want something organic, then go for the Naturepedic.

Budget is also a matter of concern, so we tried to bring mattresses with various features at affordable ranges. The most significant thing is whichever type of mattress you pick, look for quality.

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